Thanks for the photo JNYE Photography ;)

Hi There!

I am Madeleine, or more affectionately known as Maddles.

I grew up in Melbourne, Australia. I graduated from Swinburne University of Technology in 2015 with a Bachelor of Engineering in Product Design. This means I’m a weird hybrid of mechanical engineering and industrial design. Over the past few years I’ve worked on a range of design/engineering projects across a range of disciplines including medical, consumer, soft goods and industrial products for a range of clients. I’ve also had many little creative side projects of my own. One of my major creative outlets is sewing and I really love creating my own soft good products and designs. I’ve created custom clothing, costumes and accessories for a range of clients.

I’m currently living and experiencing life in Vancouver, Canada… and it’s great!

This site is a collection of some of work, projects and happenings in my life. Hope you enjoy my work.

Maddles x